Cultura entre Todos 2018. El Museo Sale de vacaciones

The Museum as a place of citizen knowledge, delight and projection.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Salta guards samples of invaluable artistic heritage of the province, in the building known as La Casona Usandivaras, a French-style mansion built in the early Twentieth Century. It has been restored, extended and adapted to its new role.
The building has over 1,000 square feet distributed on two floors, the temporary exhibitions space is located on the ground floor, and the first floor is intended for the permanent collection. It also has a specialized library, auditorium, shop and bar.
The Museum of Fine Arts of Salta treasures and dignifies the rich history of the local plastic, and is one of the oldest in the country.
The painting "Vista de la Ciudad de Salta" from the top of the San Bernardo hill, of the Italian painter Carlo Penutti, was acquired by the provincial government in the Mid-nineteenth Century, although the actual creation of the museum will take place on July 9, 1930 for the significant contribution of the engineer Rafael Sosa.
The first public museum in Salta, was created at that time under the name of Colonial Museum, Historial and of Fine Arts. In 1981, art collections were moved to a new location, the house Arias Rengel, with the name of Provincial Museum of Fine Arts.
Finally on December 20th 2008 the provincial governor, Dr. Juan Manuel Urtubey, inaugurated the current building of The Museum of Fine Arts of Salta and moved there the entire museum collection.

Permanent Collection/ First Floor

The museum tries through its exhibition proposal and extension activities a new approach to its artistic heritage that allows the community to think and rewrite their history and social ties. The museum aims then to be a place of knowledge and delight, but also production of thought. The exhibition project that takes as its criterion the deployment of its collection in chronological order is a possibility that is offered to the public in understanding the development of art in Salta. The script begins with the artistic manifestations near the present, Twentieth Century, culminating in the Prehispanic linked to our past, inviting the viewer to enter the key route near its contemporaneity. The museum has among its collections Eighteenth - Century Religious Art, Nineteenth - Century Art, works of artists such as Ernesto Scotti, Maria Martorell, Ramiro Davalos, Guillermo Usandivaras, Arístene Papi, Carlos L. Garcia Bes, Luis Preti, Osvaldo Juane, Jorge Hugo Roman, Rodolfo Argenti, Elsa Salfity and many other native artists who left their mark on the art of early and Mid-twentieth. The museum also has a room of Columbian Art that integrates the manifestations of our Prehispanic past to the permanent collection, which nurtured many local artists.

Temporary Exhibitions/ Ground Floor

Our museum has temporary exhibitions both historical and contemporary.